Virgin Hyperloop plans to start commercial operation of its tunnels and super-fast electric capsules, which are designed for 28 passengers, as early as 2027, Reuters reports.

The first countries where they will be launched may be India and Saudi Arabia because in India, the transport system is overloaded, and in Saudi Arabia, as a whole, there is an insufficient level of development of the infrastructure itself.

In addition, Virgin Hyperloop was able to increase the speed of the capsules to 1,200 km/h, improve batteries, power electronics, and a number of sensors.

According to co-founder Josh Gigel, it will be the first form of transportation in 100 years to revolutionize travel like cars, planes, and trains.

In November 2020, Virgin Hyperloop conducted the first-ever test of a Pegasus vacuum train with people on board. During a test in a 500-meter tunnel, the train accelerated to 160 km/h, and its first passengers were Josh Gigel and the head of the passenger experience Sara Luchian.