British company Virgin Galactic of billionaire Richard Branson has unveiled a SpaceShip III-class spacecraft called Virgin Space Ship Imagine. It will begin ground flights this summer.

The ship's design is innovative. The entire spacecraft has a mirror coating with thermal protection, which must constantly change its color during a flight from Earth into space.

The spacecraft was first taken out of the hangar for display using a Range Rover Astronaut Edition vehicle.

VSS Imagine will be tested on the ground and in the air this summer. Test flights are planned from the spaceport in New Mexico. The company believes that the use of SpaceShip III-class spacecraft will help achieve a new milestone in space travel flights, of which there will be 400 this year.

British billionaire Sir Richard Branson's Virgin Galactic has been pursuing the idea of tourist space travel for the past 16 years. Now about 600 people, including the American singer Justin Bieber and the actor Leonardo DiCaprio, are expecting the start of tourist flights. They have booked tickets for 250 thousand dollars.

Virgin Galactic Postponed the Test Flight of Its SpaceShipTwo Vehicle
The company tweeted that it had decided to “allow more time for technical checks.” The flight was supposed to take place on Saturday, February 13, but now Virgin Galactic will have to choose a new date.

Initially, the first commercial flights were planned for early 2021, but at the end of 2020, the VSS Unity SpaceShipTwo ship experienced engine problems. The first commercial flights are now scheduled for early 2022.