At the Reagan National Defense Forum, Vice chief of space operations for the US Space Force, David Thompson, stated that China is advancing in the development of space capabilities twice as actively as the USA, CNN reports.

"The fact, that in essence, on average, they are building and fielding and updating their space capabilities at twice the rate we are means that very soon, if we don't start accelerating our development and delivery capabilities, they will exceed us," Thompson said.

China Will Deploy a Solar Power Plant in Space
The scientists from Chongqing University say that the project received support from businesses and authorities after China announced its plans to become carbon neutral by 2060.

He also mentioned that China could become a leader in space exploration by 2030.

Tennessee Democrat Jim Cooper, who chairs the strategic forces subcommittee of the House Armed Services Committee, agreed that China and the USA are indeed competing in a so-called space race. He also added that the US Space Force is not advancing fast enough to keep up with the private space industry and companies like SpaceX and Blue Origin.