The Hubble Space Telescope has captured 6 images of merging galaxies. European Space Agency and NASA oversaw the project and published this material.

Scientists say that such interactions between galaxies are a key aspect of their evolutionary processes and represent crucial activity. Rare events like this drastically change the appearance and stellar composition of galaxy systems.

Merging Galaxies Captured by Hubble Telescope
Image: NASA

Experts explained that during such collisions, galaxies are laboratories that help scientists track the formation processes of star clusters under extreme conditions. They begin to glow and continue to do this even after the collision during a quieter phase. These massive clusters also shine throughout the whole galaxy.

During such collisions, a large number of new stars are formed along with young star formations and star-forming nodes. The stars of exploding galaxies are hundreds of thousands of times brighter than our sun, which allows the Hubble Telescope to make detailed images.