Elon Musk said that his SpaceX company has already delivered 100,000 satellite Internet terminals to residents of 14 countries to provide fast wireless Internet. The company has also applied for licenses to provide communication services in other countries.

Starlink Internet currently operates in the following 14 countries: Canada, USA, UK, Ireland, Denmark, Belgium, France, Germany, Netherlands, Austria, Portugal, Australia, Switzerland, New Zealand.

Over 500K People Paid $99 for Pre-Ordering Starlink Equipment
On Twitter, Elon Musk expressed his confidence that most of these 500 thousand people will become Starlink users. At the same time, the entrepreneur noted that some potential customers might face restrictions due to the population density in cities.

SpaceX launched its beta version of the Starlink internet service in late 2020. The service provided internet access for $99 a month, not including upfront costs for shipping, terminal installation, and equipment. The Starlink Internet kit includes a terminal, a Wi-Fi router, and a mounting tripod.

However, it became known that some Starlink users are experiencing certain difficulties. People complain that they still do not know when they will be able to use Starlink services, and they can't get in touch with Starlink support.

Starlink Will Double Internet Speed Within 2021
Musk also added that Starlink will cover most of the Earth’s surface this year and the entire planet during 2022.

Business Insider spoke to four customers who purchased a Starlink subscription in February-May 2021. After confirming the payment, the service informed them that they would receive an Internet connection in the middle of the year.

People interviewed by Business Insider complain that Starlink doesn't have customer support, and they can't even contact the company. It is also noted that these are people who have purchased a subscription to Starlink, and not additional equipment for connecting to the Internet.