Gateway Foundation announced plans to open the first space hotel by 2027. Orbital Assembly Corporation (OAC), which bills itself as "the world's first large-scale space construction company," will begin constructing the world's first hotel in low Earth orbit, Voyager Station, in 2025.

First, an annular structure will be built, with a docking station in the center. After that, the truss of the outer circle with a diameter of 200 meters will be assembled and connected to the central circle with a network of spokes. There will be 24 modules with living quarters on the circle. The station is expected to rotate around the globe every 90 minutes, and the rotation of the station wheel itself will create artificial gravity. The design of the station will resemble a cruise ship.

According to senior architect Tim Alatorre, the foundation wants to move away from deliberate futurism, use natural materials and colors, so the space should create a "luxury hotel feel."

Voyager Station
Image: OAC | Voyager Station

Guests of the hotel will be offered a variety of amenities, including themed restaurants, a health spa, cinema, gyms, libraries, concert venues, waiting rooms, and bars overlooking the Earth. The hotel rooms can accommodate up to 400 people.

The rest of the spacecraft will be occupied by the crew quarters, air, water, and electricity supplies.

The space station will include hotel rooms and places for the construction of private villas, so travelers can stay in one of the villas or rent a regular room.

Voyager Station
Image: OAC | Voyager Station

“Eventually, going to space will just be another option people will pick for their vacation, just like going on a cruise, or going to Disney World,” Alatorre said.

According to the foundation, the space hotel has gravity, so guests will feel as comfortable as when visiting a hotel on Earth.

Orbital Assembly also hopes to sell parts of the hotel to interested parties, including government agencies wishing to use the space for scientific purposes. The space can also be sold to landlords wishing to build a villa aboard a ship.

If the project is fully implemented, this object will be the largest ever launched into space. At this stage, the cost of building the first space hotel has not been disclosed.

The station was scheduled to launch in 2025, but pandemic-related delays pushed the opening to 2027.