SpaceX has partnered with Canadian startup Geometric Energy Corporation (CEG) to launch a tiny ad-beaming satellite CubeSat into orbit. The CubeSat satellite is currently in development and is slated to launch a Falcon 9 rocket in 2022.

The satellite will have a display on one of its sides, used for ad broadcasts. Several special tokens will be used to display information, which will be responsible for displaying pixels, their color, and brightness, as well as for the duration of the ad. There are five tokens to choose from: for the X and Y axes, brightness, color, and time.

CubeSat is planned to be equipped with a selfie stick with a camera, which will be directed at the display and record what is happening on it. It will then show it live in real-time on Twitch and YouTube.

SpaceX Has Assembled the Tallest Space Rocket in History
SpaceX has connected the two parts of the prototype by placing the Starship spacecraft on top of a Super Heavy booster powered by 29 Raptor oxygen-methane engines. The resulting rocket became the tallest one in history.

Geometric Energy Corporation CEO Samuel Reid wants the CubeSat screen to be similar to Reddit Place, a virtual canvas where registered users can change the color of one pixel.

Users will be able to buy ad space using Ethereum cryptocurrency. In the future, CEG wants to add an option to pay with Dogecoin cryptocurrency.

Both large companies and anyone interested will be able to place an ad.