SpaceX and Inspiration4 teams met on September 2 at SpaceX's Hawthorne headquarters to discuss the readiness for the upcoming space flight. After the meeting, the company announced that the launch of the first all-civilian crew into space would take place on September 15 from NASA's Kennedy Space Center in Florida.

If the launch does not take place on September 15, another launch is scheduled for September 16. The exact launch time will be announced three days before the flight and will depend on weather conditions.

Today, on September 9, all crew members should arrive in Florida for the final preparations before the flight.

SpaceX Will Send a Crew of Private Citizens Into Space for the First Time
The pilot and mission leader will be entrepreneur Jared Isaacman. The control of the spacecraft is automated, but there must still be a person on board with experience in operating aircraft in case of emergencies.

The crew of the Inspiration4 mission has no professional astronauts. It will consist of businessman Jared Isaacman who will be the commander, physician assistant from the Children's Research Hospital Hayley Arceneaux, educator and entrepreneur Dr. Sian Proctor, and United States Air Force veteran Chris Sembroski.

SpaceX Adds a Glass-Dome Toilet to Crew Dragon
According to Isaacman, the Crew Dragon, which will be used in the mission, is equipped with a space toilet in a glass dome located on the ceiling. It is the first spacecraft in history to be equipped with this kind of convenience, he says.

The Inspiration4 mission will spend 2-4 days in space. It will be launched using the Dragon capsule from SpaceX. After completing the flight, the crew will splash down in the Atlantic Ocean.