SpaceX has assembled the tallest rocket in the history of astronautics by placing the Starship prototype on the Super Heavy rocket. Its height was about 120 meters, and together with the launch pad – about 145 meters, which is more than 5 meters higher than that of the previous record-holder, the American Saturn V rocket. The latter was used to send people to the Moon.

The Starship spacecraft is planned to be used for crewed flights to the Moon and then subsequently to Mars. However, the first version will only be launched into near orbit. After that, both parts of the rocket will return to Earth.

At the same time, it is still far from the practical use of the rocket. The current version is a test prototype that will be disassembled again for analysis and to investigate possible defects and test the launch system.

The main development of the system began in 2018 with its concept. In 2019, the construction of the Starbase cosmodrome in Texas began, where tests are taking place, and which will be used for launching crewed space programs in the future.

In early May, the Starship successfully returned to Earth for the first time. The previous four launches ended in an explosion.

As Elon Musk admitted, when developing the Raptor oxygen-methane engines, SpaceX engineers focused on the development of Russian rocket scientists.