South Korea has launched its first homegrown rocket, Nuri (meaning ‘world’), into space. The launch was almost successful, but the rocket could not launch a satellite mock-up into orbit, Reuters reports.

The first South Korean launch vehicle KSLV-II Nuri, which has three stages, was launched from the launch pad at Naro Space Center at about 5 PM local time. The Nuri rocket is designed to launch 1.5 tons of payload into orbit 600-800 km above the Earth.

All stages of the rocket launch, except for the final third one, were successful. The final stage of the rocket shut down 40-50 seconds early. The whole launch process lasted about 15 minutes.

The experts are now investigating the reason for the early shutdown. According to preliminary data, this could happen due to a lack of pressure inside the fuel tank, a premature command from the control computers, or other factors.