Scientists have studied how long a Mars mission should last to exclude negative consequences for people. The Next Web reported their findings, referencing the study.

Scientists at the University of California (USA), the Skolkovo Institute of Science and Technology (Russia), the GFZ Helmholtz Centre Potsdam (Germany), and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (USA) found that both the materials that protect from radiation and the duration of the mission should be considered.

NASA’s Perseverance Rover Extracts First Martian Soil Samples
NASA’s Perseverance rover has successfully extracted the first soil samples from the Red Planet, said chief project engineer Adam Steltzner. He shared a photo taken by the rover on September 2 on his Twitter.

Scientists concluded that astronauts could safely stay on the Red Planet for no more than four years. They found out that the thickness of the cover of the spacecraft can play a crucial role in the safety of astronauts.

It is also reported that the best time for a flight to Mars is the peak of solar activity, during which solar activity deflects the most dangerous particles coming from distant galaxies.