Virgin Galactic has scheduled a test suborbital space flight on July 11. Among the crew members, there will be the founder of the company himself, Richard Branson. If everything goes as planned, he will manage to get into space 9 days ahead of his rival, Amazon founder Jeff Bezos.

Jeff Bezos plans to go into space on July 20 on the New Shepard spacecraft, developed by his space company Blue Origin.

Jeff Bezos Will Fly Into Space on the New Shepard Rocket in July
For Blue Origin, this will be the first suborbital flight for space tourists on the New Shepard spacecraft. A total of six people will be able to take part in it. Space tourists will rise to an altitude of 100 kilometers above the Earth.

Branson's flight will take place on the Unity-22 spacecraft, which will take off from the carrier aircraft at an altitude of 16 km above the ground. As part of a flight lasting about 2 hours, the spacecraft will rise to the border of space, to an altitude of about 80 km. At this point, the crew will end up in microgravity conditions.

Branson will be accompanied by Virgin Galactic Chief Astronaut Instructor Beth Moses, Lead Operations Engineer Colin Bennett, and Vice President of Government Affairs Sirisha Bandla. Astronauts Dave MacKay and Michael Masucci will be at the helm of Unity-22.

Virgin Galactic's mission will be broadcast live for the first time and can be viewed on the company's official website, Twitter, Facebook and YouTube.