NASA's Perseverance rover has managed to collect the second sample of the Martian rock. The second mission to collect samples was successfully completed just four days after the rover finally collected the first sample from the same rock following one unsuccessful attempt.

Perseverance is equipped with systems that make it possible for it to drill holes in rocks and extract their samples from the surface of Mars. The rover then places them in small titanium tubes and seals them. Perseverance puts these tubes in different locations on Mars, where future missions of NASA and the European Space Agency will extract them.

NASA’s Perseverance Rover Extracts First Martian Soil Samples
NASA’s Perseverance rover has successfully extracted the first soil samples from the Red Planet, said chief project engineer Adam Steltzner. He shared a photo taken by the rover on September 2 on his Twitter.

Perseverance should collect more than two dozen rock samples from Mars.