As a result of the agreements between NASA and the Canadian Space Agency (CSA) to collaborate on building the Lunar Gateway, a Canadian astronaut will fly around the Moon on the first crewed mission of NASA’s new rocket. This was announced by NASA in a blog post.

As part of NASA and CSA’s partnership, one of Canada’s astronauts will take part in building Lunar Gateway, a space station on the Moon, which is one part of NASA’s Artemis program that focuses on landing the first woman and the next man in the Moon by 2024.

A Canadian astronaut will take part in the Artemis II mission, which will make Canada the second country whose astronaut will fly around the Moon. At the moment, Canada has four active astronauts: Jeremy Hansen, Joshua Kutryk, Jeniffer Sidey-Gibbons, and David Saint-Jacques. It is not yet known who exactly will take part in the partnership.

There are two missions: Artemis I and Artemis II. The first one is an uncrewed flight that will test the new rocket from NASA, the Space Launch System (SLS), and its Orion capsule. The second mission will be the first flight of the SLS with people on board. Astronauts of this mission will fly around the Moon, but landing will happen during the Artemis III mission.

Under the agreement, the Canadian Space Agency will also provide external robotics assistance to the lunar station.

The agreement also states that another mission will carry a Canadian astronaut to the future lunar outpost.