NASA has shared a video of the 10th flight of the Ingenuity Mars helicopter. During its latest flight, Ingenuity climbed to a record altitude of 12 meters and also covered a distance of 95 meters. The total distance of all Ingenuity's flights over the Red Planet is 1.6 km.

Scientists designed Ingenuity in a way that it could survive four flights. However, after the spacecraft successfully completed its primary missions, NASA decided to continue using it.

With each flight, their complexity and duration increase. Last time, Ingenuity spent 165.4 seconds in the Martian sky, which is just a fraction of a second less than its 9th flight on July 5.

NASA’s Ingenuity Mars Helicopter Completed Its 10th Flight
NASA calls this helicopter flight the most difficult: in addition to the duration and altitude of the flight, Ingenuity also had to take photographs to plot the further route of the Perseverance rover.

NASA says the visual data that Ingenuity received during the flight will help the mission team find a safe route to explore the region of Mars called Raised Ridges.