NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) shared a bit of interplanetary sound that the Perseverance rover recorded during its journey to the Red Planet. The Perseverance rover was launched into space in July this year and is expected to reach Mars in February 2021, but NASA is already putting the rover to use.

A microphone aboard the spacecraft records the humming sounds of space as it travels along the solar system. The 60-second audio file data was collected on October 19 during an in-flight checkout on the rover’s camera and microphone system. The whirring sound comes from Perseverance’s heat rejection pump.

DPA Microphones of Alleroed, Denmark, processed the sound file. That same company manufactured the rover’s microphone.

According to the space agency, one of the microphones aboard Perseverance was set up to capture entry, descent, and landing sequences from the Red Planet.

Perseverance’s primary mission is to seek out signs of ancient life on Mars as well as collect dust and rock samples and then return them to Earth.