The first test flight of an unmanned helicopter Ingenuity on Mars, which was to take place on April 11, has been postponed, NASA's press service reported, emphasizing that the aircraft is fully operational.

The postponement is associated with a failure, which led to the early completion of the attempt to spin the drone rotors to high speeds. Experts are currently investigating the causes of the incident.

Based on data from the Ingenuity Mars helicopter received late Friday night, NASA decided to postpone the first test flight until April 14, NASA said, noting that the device is in good condition.

NASA Received the First Weather Report From Mars
The system first turned on for half an hour on February 19, about a day after Perseverance landed on Mars. The air temperature was minus 20°C, but after half an hour, it dropped to minus 25.6°C.

Earlier it was expected that the takeoff would take place no earlier than April 11, and data about it would arrive on Earth on April 12. Now specialists from the space department plan to carry out the first experimental flight of Ingenuity on Mars no earlier than April 14. The decision to change the timing of takeoff was made in light of the arrival of the latest data from Mars on Friday evening.