Japanese scientists have noticed the mysterious movement of gas clouds in the center of the Milky Way. The find can prove the existence of “controversial” black holes. This is reported by arXiv, citing the scientific journal The Astrophysical Journal.

Astrophysicists have discovered in the center of the galaxy gas clouds revolving around a large object. Its mass is about 10 thousand times the mass of the sun. At the same time, the scientists failed to see the object itself.

Presumably this may be an intermediate class black hole. Scientists still argue about the possibility of their existence. Currently known black holes with a mass of less than 100 solar masses, and supermassive black holes with a mass of 100 thousand or more solar masses.

The existence of black holes from 1000 to 100 thousand solar masses - an intermediate class has not yet been proven.

An object discovered by astronomers can turn out to be a calm black hole of medium mass. If she does not actively eat, then she does not emit any radiation.

While there are no methods for reliable detection of black holes of intermediate mass.