NASA's Juno spacecraft recorded captivating sound as it flew by Jupiter's moon Ganymede. The audio track was created based on data collected by the Waves instrument, which measures the magnetic field around Jupiter – its magnetosphere – to understand how it interacts with gases in the atmosphere of the giant planet.

The data was collected during Juno's last flyby of Ganymede in June 2021. The space probe recorded electromagnetic waves, which were then converted into audio signals to create a soundtrack.

Covered mostly by water ice, Ganymede is the largest satellite of Jupiter and the largest moon in the solar system. Moreover, it is the only moon with a magnetic field.

NASA launched the Juno probe into space in 2011. In almost five years, Juno reached Jupiter. In 2016, it began to study its surface and subsequently transmitted unique photos of Jupiter to Earth.

In November 2021, NASA released the first 3D image of Jupiter's atmosphere thanks to data Juno collected.

NASA Shares 3D Imagery of Jupiter’s Atmosphere
With the help of Juno, scientists were able to investigate the structure of one of Jupiter’s most visible vortex storms, the Great Red Spot. This vortex was first noticed almost two centuries ago and is wider than the Earth.