On September 15, Elon Musk's SpaceX launched its first all-civilian mission Inspiration4 into space. Four non-professional astronauts were sent into orbit to spend several days there. The mission was launched from Kennedy Space Center, Florida, in the Dragon crew capsule.

Businessman Jared Isaacman led the Inspiration4 team. Other members included physician assistant from the Children's Research Hospital Hayley Arceneaux, educator and entrepreneur Dr. Sian Proctor, and United States Air Force veteran Chris Sembroski.

The mission had no destination per se, but the crew had a lot to do. While being in space, the crew was conducting scientific experiments inside the capsule. They also had a glass dome through which they could observe the Earth.

SpaceX Adds a Glass-Dome Toilet to Crew Dragon
According to Isaacman, the Crew Dragon, which will be used in the mission, is equipped with a space toilet in a glass dome located on the ceiling. It is the first spacecraft in history to be equipped with this kind of convenience, he says.

A day after the launch, SpaceX published the first photos of the crew in space, saying they were happy and healthy and doing well.

Before the astronauts went to sleep, they had already flown 5.5 times around the Earth, had lunch, and completed the first stage of scientific research.

On September 18, the spacecraft successfully returned to Earth after spending three days in orbit, flying around the Earth. Astronauts splashed down in the Atlantic Ocean off the coast of the Kennedy Space Center in Florida.

Astronauts revolved around the Earth at least 15 times every day and spent 71 hours in space in total. After the mission, they underwent a medical examination.

During the flight, scientists gathered various data such as the crew's level of oxygen in the blood, sleep patterns, cognitive abilities, etc. Now the experts will study how being in space affects non-professional astronauts.

The mission raised $154 million for the St. Jude Children's Hospital. Astronauts also plan to auction things that they took with them into space.

SpaceX representatives said the mission went very well. Crew Dragon's next flight is scheduled for October 31.