The legendary Hubble Space Telescope has been out of service since 13 June because of the degradation of memory chips in the payload computer.

The space agency's website says that NASA specialists have not managed yet to turn off the non-working components and switch to backup ones, nor have they restarted all the memory modules on board the orbiting telescope.

The broken computer is a key component of the Hubble telescope because the scientific equipment does not work without it, turning the telescope into a useless, almost completely dysfunctional satellite of our planet.

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The stars of exploding galaxies are hundreds of thousands of times brighter than our sun, which allows the Hubble Telescope to make detailed images.

Since Hubble was built in the 80s, it uses old 64K memory modules. There are four of them aboard, but only one is used, and the rest serve as backup. NASA has not yet succeeded in switching the computer to them.

The current breakdown risks becoming fatal for Hubble since the space agency has no tools left for physical access to the telescope, so it is now impossible to repair it in orbit.