Firefly Aerospace, the company founded by Ukrainian entrepreneur Max Polyakov, has signed a nearly $30 million deal with Astra, a small aerospace company. According to the terms of the deal, Astra receives the rights to manufacture Firefly Aerospace's Reaver rocket engines. This was reported by the Verge.

Firefly Aerospace will ship up to 50 of its Reaver rocket engines to Alameda, California, internal documentation says.

A prototype of this engine was delivered to Astra this spring for nearly $500,000. Astra engineers have been studying the prototype in detail since then.

The engines of Firefly Aerospace should help Astra achieve its goals related to the amount of cargo they can deliver into space. The company's own launch vehicle, the Rocket, has already been through test launches with its own engine, but still hasn't entered orbit. The latest attempt to launch an Astra rocket was unsuccessful.

Astra Rocket’s Test Launch Failed to Reach Orbit
The rocket was launched on August 28 from the Pacific Spaceport Complex on Kodiak Island in Alaska, USA. The rocket deviated right from the beginning and could not gain altitude. It then took off, but after about two and a half minutes, its engines shut off.

In September 2021, Firefly Aerospace launched its Alpha rocket for the first time, but it later exploded.