SpaceX CEO Elon Musk posted a snapshot of the Starship SN16 spacecraft prototype on his Twitter page. It will be used during the next flight tests, which should take place soon. The Starship SN16 orbiter will be used for a crewed mission to Mars.

Testing of Starship prototypes began in January 2020. The first four tests ended in explosions, but on May 6, 2021, the SN15 prototype was launched successfully.

The Starship SN15 prototype managed to climb to an altitude of about 10 kilometers, make a maneuver, and then return to the site from which it was launched. The tests took place in the US state of Texas. A fire broke out, but then died out, and the Starship did not explode.

SpaceX’s Starship Prototype Successfully Landed for the First Time
In a few minutes, the spacecraft reached an altitude of about 10 kilometers. Then one of the three Raptor rocket engines was turned off. After that, the Starship prototype began to descend and landed vertically at the set point.

After the previous test, Musk said that the SN15 could be re-launched soon, but since then, there has been no information on the likelihood of relaunching this version of the prototype. According to the published image, SpaceX is preparing to test Starship SN16, which is supposed to be launched on a similar trajectory as SN15.