Chinese astronauts, who were sent into space recently, executed their first spacewalk outside the new space station, during which they set up the cameras with a 15-meter robotic arm.

China Sent Astronauts to Its Orbital Station for the First Time in 5 Years
The spacecraft with three taikonauts on board successfully launched to the Tianhe space station, which China is building in low-earth orbit on its own. This is the PRC’s first manned flight since 2016.

China's Central Television published a video of Liu Boming and Tang Hongbo emerging from the airlock as the Earth revolves beneath them. The third crew member, Commander Nie Haisheng, stayed inside.

According to China National Space Administration (CNSA), Liu Boming and Tang Hongbo spent about seven hours outside the station.

The astronauts will spend three months aboard the third orbital station of China as part of an ambitious space program. Their mission is timed to coincide with the 100th anniversary of the founding of the ruling Communist Party.

On Sunday, Liu Boming attached his legs to a platform at a remote-controlled arm that held the astronaut in place while he used tools like an electric drill to set up the equipment.

The Chinese space agency plans 11 launches in total by the end of 2022 to add two more modules to the 70-ton station.