CNSA announced that on December 26, China launched a new satellite with a camera that can capture images of Earth with a resolution of up to five meters, which will help find resources, CGTN reports.

The satellite called Ziyuan-1 02E (5-meter optical satellite 02) was launched atop the Long March-4C rocket from the Taiyuan Satellite Launch Center. With a weight of about 2.5 kilos, the satellite is equipped with infrared, near-infrared, and hyperspectral cameras.

Ziyuan-102E will operate with a 5-meter optical satellite 01 and shorten the flight time over Chinese territory from three to two days.

The images captured by the new satellite are intended to help engineers study China's geology and search for minerals. Moreover, specialists from other industries, such as agriculture or transport, can also use these images.

USA Concerned About the Pace of China’s Space Exploration
Tennessee Democrat Jim Cooper, who chairs the strategic forces subcommittee of the House Armed Services Committee, agreed that China and the USA are indeed competing in a so-called space race.

The rocket also carried a small satellite that is used for teaching by Beijing 101 Middle School.