This information came immediately after the publication on Twitter of a promotional video from Blue Origin, in which Jeff Bezos in a cowboy hat drives a Rivian electric pickup through the Texas desert to the landing site of the crew capsule from the New Shepard rocket. Coming out of the car, he said: "Guys, how exciting is this, come on!" and went to the rocket.

On May 5, the company announced more details. Blue Origin is planning to launch the first human crew to space on July 20 aboard the New Shepard rocket. One seat of this flight will be auctioned off.

The suborbital rocket has a height of 5 floors and is designed to launch a crew capsule with six seats to an altitude of approximately 100 km. Tourists will be able to experience a few minutes of weightlessness in microgravity, as well as enjoy the view of the planet from such a great distance.

After separating from the crew capsule in the air, the rocket booster returns to make a vertical landing, while the capsule itself also descends to the Earth's surface using a parachute system within a few minutes.