On October 13, Blue Origin successfully completed its second crewed suborbital space flight aboard its New Shepard spacecraft. One of the space tourists was the 90-year-old Canadian actor William Shatner, best known for his role in the science fiction series Star Trek.

NS-18 was New Shepard's second mission. Initially, the launch was planned for October 12, but it was postponed due to weather conditions.

The crew included Dr. Chris Boshuizen (co-founder of the space company Planet Labs), Glen de Vries (co-founder of Medidata), and Audrey Powers (Blue Origin's Vice President of Mission & Flight Operations) will fly on New Shepard.

In total, the New Shepard flight lasted about 11 minutes. The crew members reached an altitude of over 100 kilometers and crossed the so-called Kármán Line. Space tourists had a few minutes to admire the views from space in zero gravity. Shortly after that, Blue Origin reported a successful landing.

At the landing site, tourists were greeted by the Blue Origin team, friends and relatives, as well as the founder of the company Jeff Bezos.