Blue Origin has announced the date for its next tourist suborbital spaceflight on the New Shepard spacecraft, the company reported in its blog. The company will send a crew of four to the edge of space and back to earth as part of the 18th New Shepard mission on Tuesday, October 12.

The spacecraft will carry four astronauts into space and back, including Dr. Chris Boshuizen, a former NASA engineer and co-founder of Planet Labs, and Glen de Vries, Vice-Chair of the health department at Dassault Systèmes and co-founder of Medidata. The company will announce the two other crew members soon.

Earlier on July 20, Jeff Bezos went into space on the New Shepard reusable spacecraft with other crew members. The flight lasted over 10 minutes, and the spacecraft then landed successfully on earth.

Bezos’s Blue Origin Completed First Crewed Space Flight
During the flight on July 20, New Shepard reached a maximum altitude of 107 kilometers, and the maximum rocket speed at launch was almost 3,600 kilometers per hour. The entire flight lasted 10 minutes and 10 seconds.

Bezos became the second billionaire after Richard Branson to go into space during July.