An international team of scientists has discovered light behind a black hole for the first time. This discovery confirms Einstein's general theory of relativity. The corresponding study was published in Nature.

Astronomers were studying the corona of the black hole I Zwicky 1, located 800 million light-years from Earth, when they noticed an unexpected X-ray echo.

Astronomers Showed a New Photo of a Black Hole With Magnetic Fields at Its Edge
Scientists say the new image is important for understanding how the magnetic field allows a black hole to eat up cosmic material and throw matter into the universe.

Any light that enters a black hole cannot escape it. Therefore, scientists were not supposed to see anything behind the space object.

However, telescopes caught an unexpected X-ray echo, which is weaker than ordinary flashes of light. This discovery confirms the general theory of relativity, according to which the gravitational attraction of black holes warps space, bends light rays, and twists magnetic fields around itself, allowing you to see the X-ray echo.