Astronauts aboard the ISS have grown and already harvested the first chili peppers in space. The crew even made tacos with space-grown peppers.

Astronaut Megan McArthur tweeted on October 29 that the ISS crew had already tasted the peppers, making tacos with fajita beef, rehydrated tomatoes, artichokes, and chile peppers. "Best space tacos yet," said McArthur.

After the tasting, the astronauts also had to fill out surveys. Some of the grown peppers will be delivered to Earth for examination.

In June, the seeds of chile peppers were delivered to the ISS as part of an experiment to identify food suitable for growing in space. The experiment should help find possible sources of food for long-terms missions into space, including the ones to Mars.

NASA Is Growing Chile Peppers Aboard the ISS
NASA notes that there is little research into fruit development in microgravity, even though they are vital for long-term space flights as a source of food and vitamins for the astronauts.

NASA says that growing food in space has logistical advantages over shipping packaged food from Earth, and that caring for crops in space can have psychological benefits for the crew.