The test launch of the Rocket 3 launch vehicle, developed by the American startup Astra, lasted 2.5 minutes and failed to reach orbit due to technical issues.

The rocket was launched on August 28 from the Pacific Spaceport Complex on Kodiak Island in Alaska, USA. The rocket deviated right from the beginning and could not gain altitude. It then took off, but after about two and a half minutes, its engines shut off, and the streaming from the cameras installed on the rocket was interrupted.

The first commercial launch of the Rocket 3 launch vehicle was scheduled for August 27, but a few seconds before the launch, it was canceled due to malfunctions in the rocket control system.

Rocket Startup Astra Reaches Space for the First Time
According to the company, the Rocket 3.2 launch vehicle flew high enough to enter orbit, but it didn’t reach the high speed to achieve orbit.

Astra launch vehicle is designed to launch small satellites into low-earth orbit. The company hopes that its low cost and small size will provide a competitive advantage in the space services market.