YouTube blogger with the nickname Caesar, who has a small YouTube channel with less than 300 subscribers, trespassed at the SpaceX facility in Texas, located near the city of Rio Grande.

There he was able to shoot the prototype of the Starship SN11 spacecraft from a close distance, which was launched a few days after the shooting, but exploded upon landing.

Elon Musk Revealed the Reason Why SN10 Starship Prototype Exploded
The head of the American company SpaceX Elon Musk called the ingestion of helium in the fuel tank as the cause of the explosion of the Starship spacecraft prototype, which successfully landed on March 4.

Surprisingly, the blogger managed not only to freely get into the protected private facility of SpaceX, but also to film himself walking around the Starship spacecraft without any interference from the security. After walking around under the rocket and filming its engines, Caesar managed to safely leave the base of Elon Musk's corporation.

The video posted on the blogger's channel has gained more dislikes than likes, with angry comments and criticism from SpaceX fans. Caesar later deleted this video but recorded a new one. This time, with an apology. However, viewers soon re-uploaded the original video to YouTube.

“Yes it was wrong, yes it was illegal,” he said in the apology video. “But in my eyes, in that time of moment, I didn’t really think about that... What went through my mind was, ‘Okay, I’m never gonna get this opportunity again.’ So I went for it. And, well, this happened.”

SpaceX has already told NASA that it intends to investigate the incident.