An international team of astrophysicists have discovered a swarm of black holes hiding in the globular star cluster Palomar 5. There may be more than 100 of them, scientists say.

Palomar 5 is located 76 thousand light-years from Earth. Black holes account for about 20% of the mass of this object. The lead author of the study, professor Mark Gieles, says that the number was nearly three times higher than expected.

The Black Hole in the Center of Our Galaxy Is Closer to Earth
The new data was discovered thanks to a Japanese radio astronomy project VERA. It has been gathering data from telescopes across Japan for the last 15 years.

Each of the holes is about 20 more massive than the Sun. Most likely, the swarm was formed in supernova explosions when Palomar 5 was still young. Today it is more than 10 billion years old.

Scientists believe that one day the moment will come when this cluster will consist entirely of black holes.